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Driver License Testing
Our Enumclaw office now provides the Department of Licensing (DOL) Knowledge exam (written test) and the Skills test (drive test) for everyone's driver license or permit needs, both of which are required for a driver license. Once both tests are passed, scores are entered in the Washington State Department of Licensing, and participants can visit a Department of Licensing location to obtain their official driver license.

Rules of the Road Testing Charges:
Knowledge Tests: $35
Skills Test:  $45
Bundle (both Knowledge & Skills): $75
*Purchase both the Knowledge and Skills tests on the same day (by phone or through PayPal below), and receive a "bundle" discount of $5 off.
Need a car to use for the test? If you do not have a car of your own to use for your drive test, we at RORDS can allow usage of one of our cars, for the test only, for $35.
Rescheduling: $20- We require 24 hours notice prior to rescheduling an appointment. If less then 24 hours is given, a rescheduling service charge will be added to the applicants account. This charge must be paid prior to rescheduling any further appointment. This service charge may also be apply if an applicant is not properly prepared for their scheduled exam (Knowledge or Skills test).
1-Hour Private Drive lesson: $110 This is a private drive lesson with a state certified instructor/examiner & includes the use of an instruction vehicle. The driver MUST have a valid permit to schedule a private drive lesson.  Refer to the bottom of this page for more information regarding our private drive lessons. 
Acceptable forms of payment include: Cash or Credit/Debit Card (Checks are NOT accepted  for licensing testing)

Want to Practice taking the Knowledge Test? Click here for the DOL's online Practice Test.
Want to study the Washington Drive Guide? Click here for an online version OR visit your local Department of Licensing for a hard copy. 

A form of identification and a certificate of completion from a certified Driving Education Course is required at the time of scheduling for applicants 15-17 years of age who are taking the Skills test. (A passing score on the Knowledge test is required prior to the taking of the Skills test.) Those who are 18 and older need only provide their Instruction Permit or State ID Card.

Eligibility for an Instruction Permit 15 1/2 & Older: 
  • Be at least 15 1/2 years old.
  • You MUST pre-apply online with the Department of Licensing. (See link below.)
  • Pass the Washington State Knowledge exam with an 80% or higher
  • Visit your local Department of Licensing with the following documents: Original 
            or certified copy of a birth certificate, social security number & $25.

Eligibility for an Instruction Permit at 15 years old:
  • At age 15, a student may be issued an Instruction permit only if that
          student is enrolled in a driver education course. 
  • 10 days prior to the start date of the enrolled program, a Permit
           Waiver will be issued that will "temporarily" waive the Knowledge test
           until the program is complete. 

Steps to pre-apply online and obtain your PIC # (license number):
1. Click on this link: https://secure.dol.wa.gov/home/
2. Click "Join Now."
3. Follow the directions and complete online application.

After the pre-applying process, your teen will be provided with a PIC # (license/Permit number, Confirmation number). Please print out or write down this number and provide it when you come into schedule an appointment for the Knowledge test (Knowledge tests must be passed before students can take a Skills (drive) test). You can also call to schedule an appointment and pay with a credit card or pay on-line with our PayPal link above within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Payment is required at time of scheduling.

Eligibility for a Skills Test
*To test for a license by taking the Skills (drive) test and you are between 15 & 17 years old, you must:
  • Have completed a Driver Education Course and received a Certificate of Completion.
  • Have an Instruction permit.
  • Must have passed the Washington State Knowledge Exam within the last 2 years (either at the RORDS Licensing Office, Department of Licensing or through a state certified Driving School).
  • All testing fees must be paid at the time of scheduling. Cash or Credit Card only. Checks are not accepted. ALL SERVICE CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

*To test for a License by taking the Skills test and you are 18 years or older, you must:
  • Have taken and passed the Washington State Knowledge Exam within the last 2 years (either at the RORDS Licensing Office or a Department of Licensing office).
  • All testing fees must be paid at the time of scheduling. Cash or Credit Card only. Checks are not accepted. ALL SERVICE CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

* Applicants who have a physical or mental impairment that may affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle must be referred to a Department of Licensing Service Office (DOL) for their Skills test. WAC 308-110-030 (7) Examples of impairments:
  • Limited Strength or Mobility: Inability to operate foot controls with left and right foot, diminished arm and/or hand strength, limited neck mobility resulting in inability to look over their shoulder to check the vehicle's blind spot.
  • Artificial Limbs/loss of limbs: loss of Limb(s) or using a prosthetic arm/leg.
  • Paralysis: Inability or difficulty operating hand and/or foot controls due to paralysis in limb(s).
  • Severe Tremors: Difficulty controlling the steering wheel, difficulty maintaining consistent pressure on the gas or brake pedal.
  • Temporary Impairments: Cast on arms or legs, recent injury or surgery that may impair the customer's driving ability 
  • Mental limitations: significant mental slowness, impaired attention and/or impaired concentration that may impair a customer's judgment, attention, knowledge or skill necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Terms and Conditions
  • To get a Washington State driver license, applicants are required to pass a Knowledge and Driving test. Rules of the Road Driving School is authorized by the Department of Licensing to provide both the Knowledge and Driving tests. Please visit:  http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/teens.html for more information. Applicants must pre-apply online at https://secure.dol.wa.gov/home/. After pre-applying please print or write down your license number that is given to you.
  • Scores for the Knowledge and Driving test will be reported to the Department of Licensing electronically within 24 hours. Passing the Knowledge and Driving tests does not guarantee that an applicant will be issued a driver license. The Department of Licensing will determine if an applicant has met all licensing requirements. The Department of Licensing reserves the right to retest applicants who complete tests through Rules of the Road Driving School. Retesting is done at random at no cost to the applicant.

Knowledge Test
  • The Knowledge test will be offered at daily/flexible times at our Enumclaw office location. For more information contact us at (253) 329-6577. Payment is required at the time of scheduling. Your license number, which is provided at the time of pre-applying, is required at the time of testing.
  • Due to scheduling time restraints, an applicant will be allotted 45 minutes to take the Knowledge (Written) Test. After 45 minutes, the test will be stopped by the examiner and graded as is. If an applicant desires more than 45 minutes to complete the Knowledge test, the extra time must be scheduled prior to sitting for the exam. 

Driving Test
  • The Driving test (skills test) will test applicants’ ability to drive legally and safely. Applicants must pass the driving test with a score of 80 or better out of 100 possible points. For more information on what applicants will be evaluated on, please visit: http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/drivingtest.html.
  • Applicants may provide their own vehicles or use one of our driver education vehicles for the driving test. Our cars are compact vehicles with automatic transmissions. Applicants are encouraged to schedule a practice session prior to the test to become comfortable with the operation of the vehicle.
  • The following requirements must be met if applicants elect to use their own vehicles for the driving test:
-- All brake lights must work (including 3rd brake light).
-- All turn signals must work.
-- Head lights must work.
-- Seat belts must function and be used.
-- License plates must be on front and back of vehicle with current tabs on rear plate.
-- Current registration must be presented. 
-- Windshield must not be not cracked or chipped in the line of vision.
-- A valid insurance card must be presented at the time of testing (examiner may verify insurance with carrier).
-- Tires must meet state requirements for tire tread (no bald tires).  
-- If raining, windshield wipers must function and the defroster system must work properly to defog the windows.
  • Failure to meet the above vehicle requirements, at the time of a scheduled Skills test, will result with an appointment rescheduling fee of $20.

 * If you do not have a car of your own to use for your drive test, we at RORDS can allow usage of one of our cars, for the test only, for $35.

  • To receive a license in the state of Washington you must be at least 16 years old, and must have passed the following: Driver Education Course with a Certificate of Completion, the Knowledge (written) exam and the Skills (drive) test. You will also need to have had your permit for at least 6 months and accumulated a minimum of 50 hours of driving practice.
  • If you are 18 years or older you are not required to take a Driver Education Course, although it is recommended. But you are required to have passed the Knowledge exam and the Skills test.


​Are you nervous about taking your Skills test or want to brush up on some of your skills prior to taking the test? Here at Rules of the Road, we offer 1-hour behind-the-wheel private drive lessons. During this private lesson, our State Certified Instructor/Examiner will provide one-on-one instruction on whatever areas you are worried about. You can also ask the driving instructor/examiner to give you helpful tips on what you could improve on. We offer these driving lessons for $110 an hour (this includes 1 full hour of personalized private instruction, along with the use of one of our Rules of the Road Driver Education vehicles). Please know that you MUST have a valid Washington State Instruction Permit to qualify for this 1-hour private lesson. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 253-329-6577.

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Visit this link to learn about additional DOL costs and license requirements for Teens 15-17 years of age.
Visit this link to learn about additional DOL costs and the license requirements for 18 years old and older.
Print out this Checklist for items needed to get your license.
Visit this link to learn about acceptable forms of proof of identity when applying for a drivers license or permit. 
Please review this FORM prior to your scheduled Skills test to receive information regarding vehicle requirements, where to park your vehicle upon arriving for your test and a quick overview of what will be required during the test.  
Please review this FORM prior to your scheduled Skills test to receive vital information regarding State requirements (personal and vehicular).