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Driving safety is one of the most important subjects your teen will study in his or her lifetime. Good driving skills and habits are life-long skills that can save, not only your teen’s life but other lives as well.
     Rules of the Road Driving School is dedicated to keeping our class sizes small. We know that smaller class sizes make a better learning environment. Our class sizes range from 7 - 16 students. This allows us substantially more one-on-one instruction time with each student.
     Our curriculum exceeds Washington State requirements with an emphasis on accident-prevention, traffic safety and defensive driving tactics which encourage low-risk driving habits.

​Our mission is to teach low-risk driving habits that will last a lifetime: teach first-time drivers HOW to drive not just parallel park; provide high quality traffic safety/defensive driving education in an environment that is conducive to BOTH learning and teaching; offer our sevices at a price that is reasonable and accessible by all.

Washington State Law, RCW 28A.505.210, governs Washington State's Higher Academic Standards. In this law the State of Washington supports reducing class sizes in public schools. Research has proven that smaller class sizes assist in boosting student achievement. RULES OF THE ROAD DRIVING SCHOOL enrolls no more than 16 students per class. During your research, for the right school, be sure to ask about their class size policy. Class sizes of 30 to 60 students should concern you. There is a reason that public school teachers have been fighting for smaller class sizes for decades. CLASS SIZE MATTERS!

Click this link http://www.dol.wa.gov/business/disciplinary/disciplinarydt.html to visit the Washington State Department of Licensing/Disciplinary Actions: Driving Schools Website to check out your neighborhood school's standing with the Department of Licensing.

Rules of the Road Driving School employs the use of internal video monitoring equipment throughout the school and in its Instruction Cars, as part of a multifaceted approach to protecting the safety and security of students, instructors and property, and promoting the highest educational standards. RORDS recognizes that it must balance the privacy rights of students and staff with its duty to provide a safe learning environment. Video monitoring shall be used only to promote the order, safety and teaching objectives of students, staff, and property. Staff and students are prohibited from unauthorized use, tampering with or otherwise interfering with video camera equipment.

The Rules of the Road Driving School's goal is to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries by focusing on teaching teens low-risk driving habits that will last their life-time of driving. We believe that DRIVING is one of the most important skills a teen will learn in their lifetime and it needs to be taught correctly from the start. Our curriculum exceeds all Washington State Department of Licensing Standards. All Modules of our curriculum consist of concepts that are structured and presented in simple to complex building blocks. These concepts are first introduced in the classroom and reinforced throughtout all phases of training. Our classroom sessions are student centered and participatory. This teaching style increases retention and makes the course more interesting and fun. We focus our energy on teaching your teen lifetime, low-risk driving habits not just how to pass the Driver's License Test.

Rules of the Road Driving School does not allow iPods, cell phones and/or any other electronic devices to be used, turned on or in anyway distrupt any portion of lessons in the classroom, computer lab or Behind-The-Wheel.

Traffic Safety Education and your teen's desire to learn are just two of the steps in your teen’s driving skill-building education process. YOU, the parents or guardians are another very important step in this education process. Your teen has been watching you drive since he/she was born and still does. This makes YOU a very important ROLE MODEL in your teen’s driving world. Be a good example and be involved! Our Driver Education Course is a huge time commitment not only for your teen but for you too. Be sure that you and your teen are ready to make the full commitment before you enroll.

Rules of the Road Driving School’s curriculum requires that parents or guardians participate in their teen’s driving behavior development. This means that the parent is expected to provide their teen with an opportunity to practice the many behavioral patterns that are presented in our traffic safety education program. These behavioral patterns promote expert driving habits and behaviors that will last a lifetime of driving. Washington State regulations requires that Rules of the Road Driving School offer a Parent Orientation Night. (Our Orientation Night schedule is provided upon enrollment)

Washington State requires parents to provide a minimum of 50 hours of supervised out-of-class practice time, including 10 hours of nighttime driving. Rules of the Road Driving School recommends that you provide guided practice as often as safely possible. Guided practice is defined as specialized driving practice, set aside just for you and your teen. Not just driving around as you run errands or running a sibling to a friend's house.

The State requirement of 50 hours of Behind-The-Wheel guided driving practice is just a minimum. Behind-The-Wheel driving time is invaluable for your teen. Parent guided driving practice, during all types of weather and road conditions, will bring a little more peace of mind to you and your teen when they are faced with challenging driving conditions once they are on their own.

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